• Coventry & Warwickshire Area Prescribing Committee

    The Coventry & Warwickshire APC works to support clinicians across the area with evidence based and cost effective prescribing decisions

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  • Drug Positioning Statements

    Verdicts on new technologies and new indications for established therapies to support clinicians with often crucial prescribing decisions

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  • Guidelines

    Clinical Guidelines; Locally developed clinical guidelines to inform prescribing practice in defined clinical scenarios

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  • Resource Documents

    Resource Documents; Locally developed resources which have not had the full clinicial input necessary for a guideline but which the APC beleives is a useful resource should clinicinas locally wish to adopt them

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    Resource Documents
  • Shared Care Agreements

    Shared Care Agreements; Agreements developed to enable effective shared care of appropriate drugs between the specialist and primary care prescriber

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  • Specialist Initiated Drugs Checklist

    Specialist Initiated Drugs Checklist; Checklists which must be provided by the initiating specialist for certain drugs and indications

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Welcome to Coventry & Warwickshire APC

Welcome to the Coventry & Warwickshire Area Prescribing Committee website. This site is the repository of all published APC documents. These are easily accessed using the links found on the left under "Quick Links", on the "Documents" tab above or through the links below






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 If you have any comments about the work of the APC, issues with the website or any other queries relating to interface prescribing across Coventry & Warwickshire then please leave a message via the email address below.

The APC administration team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


Documents to be found on the APC include: 

Urgent Bulletins – Urgent messages to the prescribing community

Safety Alert Notices - APC safety alerts, such as relating to NPSA safety notices, published in response to local or national issues

Drug Positioning Statements – Recommendations relating to the prescribing of specific drugs across the health economy

Drug Comparison Charts - These are resources used by the APC to develop recommendations when more than one drug is available in a certain class

Interim Positioning Statements - Statements regarding new drugs, or new licensed indications for established drugs, for which health economy-wide positioning is regarded as urgent before national guidance is issued

Resource Documents - A list of documents which may, or may not, have APC approval but which are regarded as essential support to prescribers with prescribing decision making relevant to interface drugs. This section contains useful documents such as expiry date guidance for medicines used in the care homes sector and guidance regarding the prescribing of melatonin

Guidelines - Specific local prescribing guidelines including; Community Antibiotic Prescribing guidance, the Local Blacklist Drugs and the Coventry & Warwickshire Joint  Formulary

Specialist Drugs List – Specialist initiated drugs, those that have significant pharmacological complexity and/or rarity of use to make the prescribing of the medicine relatively uncommon in the community, grouped into Specialist Initiated, Shared Care and Specialist Only categories

Shared Care Agreements – Agreements for use when shared care specialist drugs are requested for ongoing prescription in primary care

Specialist Initiated Drug Checklists - These documents relate to certain specialist initiated drugs which require careful patient selection in line with NICE guidance and must be provided to primary care prescribers who will continue prescribing

Key Documents  Includes the APC Mission Statement, Terms of Reference, Meeting Schedule and Current Membership List

Meeting Minutes - APC meeting minutes which will be available on this site soon after the following meeting at which the minutes are ratified for publication


NICE Guidance

  •  Please access the NICE website for NICE guidance referenced in APC publications

MHRA Drug Safety Alerts

  • The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency issues regular monthly bulletins with important prescribing updates relating to safety. Please access these here.
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