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APC Revisions
1 Folders, 2 Media Files.
Updated: 01.01.20 The latest list will comprises on any additions or changes to specialist drugs, formulary choice, local blacklist
APC Meeting Minutes
1 Folders, 5 Media Files.
Updated: 13.02.20 APC meeting minutes which will be available on this site soon after the following meeting at which the minutes are ratified for publication.
Shared Care Agreements
1 Folders, 53 Media Files.
Agreements for use when shared care specialist drugs are requested for ongoing prescription in primary care.
Drug Positioning Statements
0 Folders, 57 Media Files.
Recommendations relating to the prescribing of specific drugs across the health economy.
Medicines Supply Updates
0 Folders, 64 Media Files.
Created: 13.09.19
Resource Documents
1 Folders, 29 Media Files.
A list of documents which may, or may not, have APC approval but which are regarded as essential support to prescribers with prescribing decision making relevant to interface drugs. This section contains useful documents such as expiry date guidance for medicines used in the care homes sector and guidance regarding the prescribing of melatonin. Also, includes the associated documents subfolder that have documents which are linked to the main resource documents.
Positioning Statements
0 Folders, 1 Media Files.
Created: 06.08.19
APC Newsletter
1 Folders, 5 Media Files.
Updated: 23.03.20
0 Folders, 33 Media Files.
Specific local prescribing guidelines including; community antibiotic prescribing guidance, the Discouraged Medicines List and the Arden Prescribing Formulary.
Drug Comparison Charts
0 Folders, 5 Media Files.
This section is a library of drug comparison charts which are used in APC decision making regarding drug positioning statements